12 Doors staff lockers


12 Door staff lockers. This consists of 12 apartments or doors for safeguarding your items in the office

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Staff Metal Storage Wardrobe Lockers

Product Description:
If you are willing to buy a trendy wardrobe locker to store, please have a look at this wardrobe locker by Simply.
Offer your employees a secure storage space for their personal belongings by placing a 4 tier box-locker in the break room. Eliminate theft, inappropriate cell phone use, and incomplete uniforms by providing these metal lockers by simply. These units are also popular in facilities and institutions such as schools, gyms, and athletic clubs.
Additional options are available, including 21 color choices, lockers without legs, built in locks, and more. Call for details.

Product Features:
1. All steel construction made of gauge 18/20 or as per client required.
2. Includes number plates for quick identification.
3. Powder coated for scratch resistant finish.
4. Upper set and lower set of louvers in each door promotes ventilation.
5. Rubber bumpers minimize noise when closing.
6. With scratch-resistant and epoxy powder coating surface, any pan-tone color for your needs.
7. Customized locker available.
8. Various locks and handles available.


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